Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Jackets from Oma Chan

Just got these in the mail. They fit great, now the kids are ready for the winter. I don't know where you guys pick up these things. We never do or have taught you the thumbs up, and yet here is Kai doing the pose. I guess I should be glad that it's the thumbs up and not the Asian 'V'.


Anonymous said...

Thumbs up, eh?! GOOD! hahahaha... Glad you finally got them in the mail! It would've been such a waste if they went missing! Phew! Don't tell Kai yet but he's gonna get a much cooler jacket later. I'll be bringing them over. Anna will get a cuter one too! I will show mum these pics tonight. Will send them to dad :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, for some reason dad thinks the colour of Kai's jacket is 'very ugly'... Can you believe that?! He said it on the phone last night. I then said it's a boy's jacket and it's just orange. He laughed and said 'it's very ugly' again @_@ I think he thinks it's very girlish.