Thursday, October 28, 2010

Japanese Potato Salad and Tsukune

I had a strange craving for Japanese potato salad a while ago so as expensive as the Japanese mayo was at the Asiashop I got a bottle and made this salad with it. Basically the same ingredients as any potato salad, potato, cucumber, carrots. Also had some chicken breasts left so I minced it and made the skewers. The kids love to eat caviar so I put some on their rice as well.

New Jackets from Oma Chan

Just got these in the mail. They fit great, now the kids are ready for the winter. I don't know where you guys pick up these things. We never do or have taught you the thumbs up, and yet here is Kai doing the pose. I guess I should be glad that it's the thumbs up and not the Asian 'V'.