Sunday, August 22, 2010


Wendy and Roland came over from Ingolstadt for lunch on Sunday. And ofcourse the kids jumped all over him, asked him to read and play in their room like best buddies. Whenever someone comes I always ask them if they are ok being climbed on and abused like a donkey. It's the kids I am worried about, I am just concerned they are so crazy with the guests that they might never come back.

Chinese Pickled Vegetables

I actually made these for the Vietnamese sandwiches a while ago. Had some leftovers so brought them out with dinner. Simply pickled the carrots and cucumber pieces in lemon juice with a bit of sugar. The longer they stay in the fridge the better they taste.

Young Lady

It's hard to get a clear shot of you recently because for some reason you've become camera shy. Everytime I try to take a picture of you you would sneak away. But I persisted this time, you look too pretty in your new summer dress. You are growing up so quickly, I can already see you turning into a young lady. Time does really fly.

Kai's Sculpture

You love to draw and play with playdoh. That's when you are the most focused. Most of the time you draw/make robots and monsters. This time was no exception but we were really amazed about the details that this piece had. Horns, prickles, giant tongue... Sometime I really wonder where you draw your inspirations from. Your mother and I both agree that we should encourage you more with your artistic projects. In September you will start Chinese lessons on Saturdays, maybe we can find you a drawing class during the week.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Food Updates

The kids were at Opa and Oma's for a whole week. That left Rebecca and I lots of time to cook at home and actually enjoy our meals instead of yelling and scolding them at the dinner table.

I saw the breakfast idea from another blog. Very healthy breakfast indeed. Fried the bell pepper ring with olive oil and then cracked an egg into it. Served over toast.

We got some new 'Asian' looking dishes from the store and I was so excited about it. Made a simple dinner that night. Pork cutlets and stir fried veggies topped with bonito flakes.

The rest of the pork chops I made into a super spicy dish the next day. Patted them with salt, pepper, and flour and deep fried to pre cook them a bit. Then sauteed the garlic, chillies, ginger, scallion, onion in the pan with oil and added the sliced pok chop pieces into the pan. Mixed everything up and serve. Great dish with beer and rice.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hair Clips

We put Anna's small collection of hair clips in a jar. Lately she likes to open it and put them all on her hair. Actually she has a tendency to do put everything on in one go, like the time she put all the stickers on her legs, or the time when she put on all the socks, or carrying all her little bags like a bag lady...

Quickie Bruschetta

I think we had these with some kind of soup. Had some leftover rolls so quickly sliced them, drizzled olive oil on top and baked till crunchy. Topped with tomatoes, garlic, parmesan, and chives. Seasoned with salt and pepper.

In Anna's Bed

We don't allow you to play on Kai's bed because it's the top of the bunk so you often do all kinds of crazy stuff on Anna's bed instead, like building 'caves' and 'castles' or piling up all the toys and stuffed animals there. So I was rather surprised to see you two just reading there on afternoon.

House Hunting

Been busy looking at places to buy. We always took the two of you alone. You seemed to really like this place in particular, ran around the place like crazy. It was a flat on the ninth floor of an apartment building with a nice clear view of the city and a large balcony. Too bad the windows had no barriers, that's why I decided aganist it. I would worry too much about Anna climbing out the windows.