Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hansel & Gretel

These are not the best pictures your mother took of you today but I like them as much as your reading together pictures because you look so lovely as siblings in them. Once in a while, and to your credit it happens more often now, you two do play very nicely together. Today you wondered around in wild together, which reminded me a bit of Hansel & Gretel minus the evil parts. I really hope that the two of you will remain close as you get older. That you will be there to protect and support each other.

Sunday Japanese-ish Dinner

Rebecca took the kids to the playground for a couple of hours so I had some peace and quiet to cook our Sunday night dinner. It's pretty much left over ingredients in the fridge. Miso soup with potato and lotus root. Shaved carrot and asparagus salad with mustard/olive oil/soy sauce dressing. Baked salmon marinated in miso/ginger/lemon/soy sauce/sugar in foil pouch. Minced chicken/lotus root patties.


Asked a friend to come along for our Sunday bike ride/picnic. Had a great time. Weather was beautiful, kids were happy, and food was great. I packed a melon and some parma ham, plus some rocket salad, cherry tomatoes, walnut, and parmesan cheese. Even remembered to bring olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Bought some olive bread sticks at the bakery to go with the light lunch on paper plates.

Kai the Architect

We went for a picnic where the wild horses are. Kai decided to build a house with branches. We helped him collect them and he told us where to put them up. Sure made a fine house for him and Anna. Too bad some other people destroyed it when we went for a walk. Whether or not he wants to be an architect in the fut re is irrelevant. I was most happy seeing him being imaginative.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Simple Chinese Dinner

Someone was supposed to come for dinner tonight but canceled last minute. So I scaled back to only one dish plus the soup ingredients. The green/red carrot soup took a few hours to simmer, added some corn to sweeten it up a bit. The other dish was Chinese chives and egg stirfry with some minced dried shrimps.

Kai's New Haircut

Summer's coming and so we decided to shave his head ourselves today. Rebecca did a good job with the 21mm setting. But then Kai's got a nicely shaped head. Can't say that I am not jealous.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nail Polish

Usually Anna is the first to wake up, together with Mama and they would spend some time together in the bath while Mama is taking a shower and getting ready. This morning Anna asked Rebecca to paint her little toes. She was so pround when she came into the bedroom to show me. My little baby is growing up fast.

Lunch Alone

Been home the last few days. Finally made lunch for myself today, looking through the fridge there was a chicken thigh and some old rice. Fried the rice with peas, soy sauce, and egg. Seasoned the chicken with salt, pepper, and tobasco, floured, dipped in egg and deep fried. Washed everything down with a glass of milk tea which I had forgotten about since the morning.