Sunday, January 24, 2010

Drumstick Anna

Anna likes to meat that comes with a bone. Before she started eating solids we would give them a piece of bone from the ribs to chew on and she would love it. Now that she's a big girl she likes ( and is very good at ) eating ribs and drumsticks. Cleaned it up very nicely leaving barely any meat on the bone.

Deep Fried Chicken Wings

I wanted to make some kids food for lunch so there wouldn't be any drama. The kids helped with cutting up the sausages and rolling the chicken wings in breadcrumbs. Sure was fun. I think I will involve them more in the kitchen from now on.

I seperated the drumstickes from the wings, seasoned them with five-spice powder, salt and pepper, rolled them in flour, then beated egg, and then the kids finished them off in the bread crumbs. Deep fried for aboutu 5 mins. The kids also helped cutting up the sausages. Simply fried them up with some tomatoes, and egg. Also added a garlic broccoli for a balanced meal.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Chew and Swallow!

I HATE these moments of the kids not wanting to swallow their food in their mouths. I always feel like I am the negotiator at some police/robber stand-off and the food in the mouth is the hostages. But instead of making sure you free them I need to ask/threaten/beg (usually in this order) to just swallow that by now disgustingly tasteless piece of meat so that I can go and do the dishes. One day I tell you, your kids are going to do the same and I would just sit and drink my wine and enjoy the show.

Sunday Lunch

The duck is nothing much to write about, just browned on both sides and finished it off in the oven.
But the baked apples were wonderful. I saw them on the window sill looking sorrier and sorrier everyday so decided to put them to good use. Simply core the apples, fill the centers with mixture of sugar, cinnamon, and some nuts/dried fruits, stick a piece of butter on top, add some water to the pan, and bake for 20 mins until nicely browned. Serve with cream or ice-cream.

Doodle Board Art

It's very abstract. But the artist (Kai) says that it's paradise where no one dies (or at least we interpreted what you said as such). The artist of the black and white picture said that it's a fish ( or did we think you said it was a fish)?

Pasta with Curry Cream Sauce

If I want to make sure that the kids eat then all I need to do is pasta in some kind of sauce. Personally I hate pasta, I have to eat it so often at work for lunch I've pretty much pastaphobic. Hey but if there's no drama at the dinner table then why not????

For the sauce, saute onion and garlic, add cream, curry powder and season with salt and pepper. Goes well with shrimps.

Anna Riding a Turtle

One evening your mother said to me in a hushed voice, 'hey look at the kids'. And this is what I found! When you were us looking at you, Anna said something like Kai's a turtle or did Kai say that? Whoever's idea it was it certainly gave us a good laugh.

Net Hats

Don't remember if it was Kai's or Anna's idea. But these nets belong to the butterfly game. Funny accessory I must say.

Anna's Giant Bear

Your mom is not much of a stuffed toy fan. But I certainly am, I don't think you can ever have enough of them. I used to play with your Aunt April with ours until I was... well, much older than I should have been.
So when your Oma C brought over his giant bear (it's bigger than you!) I can honestly say that I was more excited than anyone. I asked you what his name was and you just said bear. Wish you would give him a more creative name. I did with mine!

Baggers with Sour Cream and Caviar

Baggers are basically rostis. Usually here people serve them with apple mouse, but I am not a big fan. Instead we had them with sour cream and caviar. Surprisingly the kids loved the little orange fish eggs, popped them into their little mouths like they were candy. What expensive taste!

Reading Time!

Sometimes when I am tired (and very often I am), and in no mood to entertain you two (not that I do that a lot, your mother is much better than I am at that) I think about getting a TV and just sitting you two in front of it and call it a day. But when I see the two of you reading, and are so interested in books, those evil thoughts quickly go away.

Hoppe Hoppe Reiter

This is Anna's favorite song, used to be Kai's too. I don't really know it by heart but I never bothered. Not because I don't care for it, but I think it's nice that there are certain moments that only belong to your mother and you. For example the laughs that come with this well know nursery rhyme.

Hoppe hoppe Reiter, wenn er fällt, dann schreit er.
Fällt er in den Graben, fressen ihn die Raben.
Fällt er in den Sumpf, macht der Reiter plumps!