Monday, November 29, 2010

X'mas is coming!

X'mas is really coming... I can feel it now with the snow and the cold. Not to mention the X'mas shopping and people buying trees. As usual Rebecca baked some delicious cookies for us.

Cooking Updates

Haven't been cooking too much lately. These were from a while ago...

The teriyaki chicken wings I made for myself for lunch one day. Marinated the chicken wings in soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, ginger juice, lemon juice overnight and baked in the over for about 15 mins. Finished them off by brushing some honey on top and broiling them for another 2 mins.
Brocolli with roasted pork belly. The pork belly was bought as is at the butcher. I just chopped it up and stirfired it with broccolli and a honey mustard sauce. Great with rice. The chestnut chicken wings was also easy. Saute the chicken with slices of ginger, add the chestnuts, then add oyster sauce, sugar, light and dark soy sauce, a bit of water. Bring to a boil and simmer for 20 mins. Not too long, you don't want the chestnuts to get all mushy.
BTW, is up! Check it out and pass it on!!!

First Snow/First Advent

We had the first real snow on the first advent. Rebecca wanted to get something green to decorate the flat a bit so we went for a walk in the woods. I am not a nature person but I also enjoy the time we spent with the kids in the woods. They always have so much fun playing with twigs and rocks and leaves... I really like it's nice that the kids could appreciate nature. I think that's a big reason why we are here in Europe. I would rather them grow up in the woods than in shopping malls like I did. Rebecca and I also balance each other out, her with her tree huggerness and me with my shopping.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Anna

Happy Birthday My Dearest Anna. I wish you a wonderful year ahead. Thank you for being the sunshine in my life. Thank you, Rebecca, for bringing Anna into my life. I love you both very much.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Japanese Potato Salad and Tsukune

I had a strange craving for Japanese potato salad a while ago so as expensive as the Japanese mayo was at the Asiashop I got a bottle and made this salad with it. Basically the same ingredients as any potato salad, potato, cucumber, carrots. Also had some chicken breasts left so I minced it and made the skewers. The kids love to eat caviar so I put some on their rice as well.

New Jackets from Oma Chan

Just got these in the mail. They fit great, now the kids are ready for the winter. I don't know where you guys pick up these things. We never do or have taught you the thumbs up, and yet here is Kai doing the pose. I guess I should be glad that it's the thumbs up and not the Asian 'V'.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chinese School

It's pretty clear from the look on your face that you would have probably liked to be somewhere else. But I think the second class went better than the first since I could sit next to you and help you. Your mother was brave taking you there the first time not speaking a word of Chinese. She was sweet for trying though.

Treasures On A Slide

I think I took this picture in the summer. Although neither of you looked into the camera but I can still remember how happy you both were there with mama.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kai's Lego Catapult

So cool. He made this with lego without any springs. Such an inventive boy. I don't think I could've done it myself, but then again, he could already do more than me when I was his age. He can already ride a bike, speak two languages (hopefully 3 soon now that Chinese classes have started), and help set the table.

Anna and her juice

Lately you don't like me taking pictures of you. But when I saw you sitting in your bed quietly drinking your juice you just looked too cute. So I asked for permission, and luckily it was granted!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Anna's 1st Kindergarten Day

Anna Maria Chan, 2 years and 10 months, Hedge Hog Group, St. Sebald's kindergarten, 01/09/2010, Erlangen.

Last Day with Maria

I was so sad. It was the last day you were at the day care with Maria and Gisela. You spent almost 2 years there. 6 hours per day, 5 days a week. You talked about her all the time.
I generally don't do well with goodbyes. But this one in particular was more difficult, that's why I couldn't bring myself to go there. Maria was very good to us and helped us a lot over the last few years.
You are just growing up so fast, already going to the kindergarten. Maybe in part I was sad for myself, that one day soon you will be leaving us and having your own life and family. I can't tell you enough how much I love you and you will always be my little girl.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Wendy and Roland came over from Ingolstadt for lunch on Sunday. And ofcourse the kids jumped all over him, asked him to read and play in their room like best buddies. Whenever someone comes I always ask them if they are ok being climbed on and abused like a donkey. It's the kids I am worried about, I am just concerned they are so crazy with the guests that they might never come back.

Chinese Pickled Vegetables

I actually made these for the Vietnamese sandwiches a while ago. Had some leftovers so brought them out with dinner. Simply pickled the carrots and cucumber pieces in lemon juice with a bit of sugar. The longer they stay in the fridge the better they taste.

Young Lady

It's hard to get a clear shot of you recently because for some reason you've become camera shy. Everytime I try to take a picture of you you would sneak away. But I persisted this time, you look too pretty in your new summer dress. You are growing up so quickly, I can already see you turning into a young lady. Time does really fly.

Kai's Sculpture

You love to draw and play with playdoh. That's when you are the most focused. Most of the time you draw/make robots and monsters. This time was no exception but we were really amazed about the details that this piece had. Horns, prickles, giant tongue... Sometime I really wonder where you draw your inspirations from. Your mother and I both agree that we should encourage you more with your artistic projects. In September you will start Chinese lessons on Saturdays, maybe we can find you a drawing class during the week.