Friday, May 22, 2009


Had some minced beef to use up, also some croutons that was left over from the caesar salad. Soaked the croutons in a bit of milk, added an egg, plus the minced beef and some herbs. Rolled into golf ball sized balls and baked in the oven for 20 mins. They don't need to be completely cooked through as later on they would simmer for a bit in the tomato sauce. I made mine with canned tomatoes, onions, celery, carrots, sugar, balsamic, tomato paste, oregano, salt, and pepper. Everything was purreed before adding the meatballs. Certainly a kids friendly meal.

Holding On Tight

Your grandpa Chan is right, you often look soulful and deep in thoughts in pictures. But I think here you were more concerned with not falling off. Although you probably know that I would have never let that happened.

Anna the Rock Eater

So finally you stopped putting sand in your mouth. But worse you started to put whole walnuts, and as pictured here rocks (!) in your mouth. And not just one! I don't know why you do it, because you had no intention of eating or swallowing them. Maybe you just like to scare your parents and get some reaction from us.

Kai on the swing

Is this a swing? Whatever it is you certainly had loads of fun. We went to this playground next to a nearby forrest for a picnic a while back. These pictures reminds me of the 'good ol' times I had with you on the swing on the way home after grocery shopping during the time I stayed home with you.
Btw, that sun hat used to belong to me. But what's mine is yours right?

Kai's Haircut

Your mom thought that you should get a professional haircut. We took you to the same place where I get mine with the same girl. She was very sweet with you, took her time and chatting non-sense with you the whole time. We both liked the haircut, make you look very handsome. But then we are definitely biased.

Elephant Earrings

It was a while ago that we bought some sandals for you kids. There's this old brand here called Elephant which is still very popular. Of course you couldn't resist playing with the tags but I think I was the one who thought they might look good on you as earrings.

Anna Maria 'Cindy Crawford' Chan

You are all drugged up because of the middle ear infection but that doesn't seem to affect your appetite. I think we had eggplant that day and some of the skin got stuck on your face and looked like a beauty mark. Not that you need it, you are already the most beautiful little girl to me. But then again, I don't think my opinion would have much weight when you're older.

Garlic Chicken

Definitely only for garlic lovers. I made this with 4 whole heads of garlic. Rub the chicken with flour, salt, and pepper. Fry until skin is nicely browned. Remove from pot. Add garlic (skin on or off up to you), saute a bit until fragrant. Put chicken on top, add white wine, lemon juice, some herbs. Bring to boil and simmer for 30 mins until garlic is soft and chicken is cooked through. Remove chicken and keep warm, turn up heat to reduce sauce a bit. I served it with rice and a eggplant, zucchini side.

Caesar Salad Diassambled

My wife requested a light lunch. Made a caesar salad for her, but to shake things up a bit I decided not to make the dressing, but rather poach the egg, sprinkle the salad with olive oil, and let her squeeze the lemon. When we mixed everything togther it tasted pretty much your usual caesar, which I guess is good thing.