Sunday, April 19, 2009

Simple Dishes

Broccoli Beef and Mushrrom with Lettuce in Oyster sauce. Actually they were both done with oyster sauce.
The beef was sauteed and the mushrooms were braised.

Anna Rider

A while ago I put back together this rocking-bike which belonger to Kai for Anna. Up to a few weeks ago she had problems getting on and off and all of a sudden (or perhaps not so suddenly, just that I am not so often there) she just got on and off and on and off and on and off all by herself. Rocking back and forth and ringing the bell. So far Anna has been more adventurous than Kai, she likes to do all kinds of crazy things, climbing up and down at home and at the playground. I've started to call her my little 'Danger Girl'.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Egg Hung

You two and your mom spend the weekend at your grandparents in Mainz over Easter. On Sunday they hid the eggs and sweets outside the house and you two went looking for them. Your mother took some nice photos of you two having a blast, too bad I missed it.

Hideout (again!)

As I always say, there's really no need to buy expensive toys for you kids. You two played with the box for over 30 mins, just sticking your heads in it, or Anna climbed into it completely and then you would cover yourselves with the blanket to 'hide'. I would come into the room and say 'Where is Kai? Where is Anna?' But Kai doesn't know yet that hiding means holding still so he would giggle and move about under the blanket. Still, such fun with two kids and box.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Grandma Chan's Hand Knitted Sweater

When I was small your grandmother knitted some many sweaters for me and your aunt April. I never really appreciated them until much later but by then she decided it was too much work. Until you and Anna came along, she doesn't mind spending the time for you and Anna. This one with Doraemon is the most recent one. The size is just right. We should make you wear it more often before it gets too small.

Lego Robot

When you play with your Duplo most of the time you build towers, or recently ladders with wheels. I thought I would be nice and make you a robot, and boy did you love it. It wasn't very stable so it broke a few times and I put it back together. But then after the nth time I didn't want to do it anymore and you were too lazy to try. So the robot only lasted for less than an hour. Good thing your mother suggested we take a picture of it.


I don't know why but kids love to hide. In corners, behind curtains and doors, under blankets. One day Kai decided to pull everything off the shelves below the changing table and climbed into it, some sort of cave I suppose. Anna of course has to do what her big brother does. I thought it was funny, looked like two kids staying in one of those tiny Japanese hotels with only a bed.

Sweet and Sour Pork, Steamed Tofu with Minced Pork and Olives

The SSP I have done before so not gonna bother writing about it again. The tofu I read about on some blog and decided to give it a try. Simple and healthy. Anna loves tofu so she ate it up.
Marinate the pork with the usual suspects (soy, sugar, sesame oil), saute lightly in pan with minced olives. Place pork on top of tofu and steam for a few minutes until tofu is warmed through, serve with corriander and extra dashes of soy and sesame oil.


Needed to clean out the fridge before heading to the in-laws for Easter. Kinda through everything in a pot to make this Jambalaya.
Sauteed the onion, bell pepper, then added the turkey meat, what's left of the chorizo, and the half finished jar of olives. Added the rice along with a can of tomatoes plus enough water to cook the rice. Brought to a boil and then simmer for 20 mins till the rice is cooked. Seasoned with salt and pepper.