Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Anna First Steps

This video was taken before X'mas. 'Back then' you still needed help with walking, but a month later you are already running around, climbing on chairs, beds, and sofa. Basically going everywhere that you're not supposed to go. You're still very keen on walking, we'll see how long that'll last. I think Kai was already bored and tired of walking after a few months. Now he's become a baby again wanting to be carried everywhere. He says 'Carry me carry me carry me....' 'I don't want to walk' allllllllllllllllllllll the time.

Kai Helping or Eating?

Kai helping to decorate the X'mas cookies. I think this photo was taken at the beginning because he's not covered in chocolate sprinkles. Honestly I think as much sprinkles went inside that little belly as what was put on the cookies. Had a blast running this little family cookie factory. Next year Anna would be able to help too.

Kai and Anna Jumping in Kai's Bed

This video was taken before X'mas. Sometimes you two play really nicely together, and this is one of those rare moments. Glad your mom captured it on camera. Time really flies, because it has only been a month and Anna is already walking around like she owns the place.


I think I just used a simple recipe I found on Had Cythnia over for tea before X'mas and decided to give them a try. Not so difficult, nice and warm fresh from the oven.

Kassler with Kale

Love this dish. Tasted like Chinese preserved cabbage. Washed the kale a few times until it's clean. Saute some onion and bacon in oil and add the finely chopped kale. Then add stock and simmer until everything is mushy. Season with salt and pepper. Serve with sausages or cured ham.

Xmas Cookies

Our first time making X'mas cookies. Had a lot of fun, even Kai helped. Ofcourse eating half of the toppings as he decorated the cookies but still it was a nice family activity.