Saturday, October 25, 2008


It's been almost a month since the last entry... we just haven't been taking too many picture of you kids. Aunt April sent me some funky pictures though.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Kai and Opa Gote. You really enjoyed the time at the little zoo in Mainz with your grandfather Gote. He is a really hands on sort of grandfather. It makes me happy that you like spending time with him, I hope that he'd eventually teach you a few cool things too, like riding the motorcycle, gun shooting, and all kinds of handy work. I think these moments are very precious, something money cannot buy and I regret not having in my childhood. Unlike you I never really had any real relationships with both of my grandfathers. And so it was my wish from the beginning that you and Anna get to know your grandparents. Aftherall there wouldn't be your mother and I without them. It also makes me sad, looking at the pictures, that you don't see your grandpa Chan as often. And that it would be difficult for you to communicate with him because I failed to teach you Chinese. But I will try to have a family reunion every year so that way he won't be a complete stranger to you.

Two Stewed Dishes

I think I made this after we came back from the inlaws, had a lot of meat there and so craved vegetables.

I just chopped up the pumpkin, diced the yam, and stewed everything along with the chestnuts in water, sake, soy sauce, sugar for about 30 minutes until the liquid reduced. Sprinkled sesame seeds and served with rice and another beef potatoe carrot stew.

I really like this sake. For those of you who live in Asia or N.America it's not a problem getting this stuff. For small town Erlangen guy such as myself this is pure luxury at 13 euros for a little bottle.