Tuesday, July 8, 2008


A picture speaks a thousand words, and I think these speak exactly four - Kai is toilet trained!


We were at Mainz for the weekend before we go to Toronto. Your grannies were of course very happy to see both of you. They set up two swings in the garden, one for your brother and a little one for you. It was the first time you were alone on the swing, you looked like you really enjoyed it. These are just two out of the thousands of pictures I took of the two minutes that you were on there.

Pasta Dishes

Coupla quick pasta dishes I made a while ago. Been really busy before our trip back home, plus lots has happened, birthday,
anniversary, interviews, assignments, life in general so had very little time left to be spent in the kitchen. And tomorrow we're off so the next post will probably be from my mother's kicthen, that's if she lets me cook in it.
The one with the tomatoes is primavera, and the creamy one is some kind of chicken and peas pasta with cream sauce. Both with fussili. If you don't see any updates in the next two months I wish you all a great summer!