Saturday, February 23, 2008


Couldn't get a better photo of you in the Baby Björn. This is how we carry you around if we have things to do but don't want to leave you crying in bed. Actually I was way more hardcore with your brother, I used to ride the bike with him in this, people gave me very strange looks. But you are so small and delicate I am a lot more protective, wouldn't even think of doing half of the things I do or did with your brother, I mean he's a boy gotta be tough right?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Sometimes you are a real pain in the ass, specially when we want to get you out of bed after your naps. Today was no exception, I let you lie there for a bit, came back, let you lie there some more, and still you didn't want to get out of bed. So I took the camera and took these pictures as evidence, when you saw the camera you kept

saying nein nein nein, I guess you knew as well that it wasn't your best moment.

My Wife's Cake

To be honest I was never big on cakes before moving to Germany, but the cakes here are just too damn good, besides, what's the point of being on the bike all the time if not to eat whatever you want whenever you want to? My wife's marble cake was my favorite for a long time, but since this weekend it was replaced by this one - some kinda chocolate/cream cheese/fruit cake. It was delicious. What a wonderful afternoon we had eating cake and drinking freshly brewed coffee. My wife had this moka expressish brewer for a while, a gift from her father, only recently did we start using it. Very nice simple design, makes excellent coffee, although I still wouldn't mind having a French press.

Erdäpfelkäs and Griessnockerlsuppe

Last Wednesday off before the crazy semester starts next week, I was glad to be in the kitchen.

I really wanted to use up some stuff in the kitchen, namely the potatoes and the leftover goose from x'mas that has been in the freezer. Nothing came to mind, so I checked the cookbooks. Found two things from a Bayern cookbook. What the hell, Bayern day it is then.

If you are on a no/low carb diet then this is definately not for you. Potatoes on bread. Basically this mash potatoes on good old German bread, kinda like a poor man's cheese. Boil and peel the potatoes, slightly mash, season with salt and pepper, add cream and sour cream. Serve on a thick slice of rye with slices of cucumbers or radish, top with chives. Sounds weird I know, but try it, very nice with a beer.

For dinner I used the goose to make the broth, and then made these semolina dumplings to go with it. Just combine the semolina with egg, butter, salt, nutmeg, and then shape with two tea spoons, cook on low heat in water for 20 mins. Serve the soup with the dumplings in a nice bowl garnished with chives.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I was working on my studies after we came home from checking the 10km race route which I signed up for, so Mom had to entertain both of you. She was taking some videos and pictures of Anna. Apparently you were too thrilled about the lack of attention, that's why you made this sad face. You really know how to use those eyes to get what you what now. Btw, the other day on the bus you flirted with some girl and before she got off she said you reminded her of a young Keanu Reeves. I don't know about that, but for sure you are a big flirt.


Didn't get groceries for the weekend, so had to resort to stuff left in the fridge. Got this idea from Mila, seems like I am getting a lot of inspirations from her blog lately. So I sliced the pork belly real thing, fried it in a pot with a bit of oil, added carrots, radish, leeks, then the mushroom stock from yesterday. Brought everything to a boil, and then simmered till the veggies were soft. Added some enoki mushrooms, a generous dash of soy sauce, and the miso paste. This was a very filling soup, had it with rice, and tofu. I'll try to make tamagoyaki next, also blogged by Mila recently.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Had a late dinner tonight, first I went for my jog, then the wife went. I put the boy to bed before I started cooking, and when the wife came home dinner was ready. Luckily the girl was sleeping too. Kinda nice actually, just the two of us having a quiet dinner, listening to Koji Tamaki (yes, I know I am old).

I used to eat this all the time for lunch when I worked for this Japanese guy briefly in Toronto selling ad space in a Japanese golf magazine. There was a Japanese place near by and this was my favorite. Very simple dish really, first make the schnitzel or cutlet or tonkatsu, then the sauce. As I don't have all the authentic ingredients I had to be a bit creative. For the dashi I used the soaking liquid from the dried Chinese mushrooms, poured some of that in a pan, added the finely sliced onions, added soy sauce and sugar, boiled and simmered. I had no mirin so I skipped that, and I don't really like the cutlets to be all soft and mushy so I didn't simmer them in the sauce. Beat a few eggs and mix it into the sauce, add some green onions as well, turn off the heat, put the rice in a bowl, top with the chopped cutlet, and lastly the sauce. I had some seaweed on hand so garnished the rice bowls with it.

It's probably not very authentic, but the wife liked it, I am sure the boy would too as the sauce was a bit sweet.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Ginger Scallion Dip

Made this chicken dish again tonight for dinner. Basically I just rubbed the seasoning on the chicken, let it sit for an hour

or so, and then steamed it for 20 mins. The bbq pork worked better this time thanks to my Asiashop friend for suggesting I use pork neck meat instead of pork shoulder. The color too was better, used quite a bit of the red powder, but had a slight bitter after taste. Anyways practice makes perfect, need to do this again. The dip for the chicken though was great. Chopped the scallions real fine, peel and grate the ginger, mix with a dash of salt and sugar, heat oil in a pan, and when it's smoking pour over mixture and combine.

Tamago Kake Gohan

I like to have different kinds of breakfasts, German, American heart attack, Pancakes, Chinese noodles and congee, etc. I have been reading Mila's blog about her travels to Japan in Janurary, and it reminded me of my visit to see my friends a few years back. I stayed at a friend's with her parents and i remember having this for breakfast one day.
Basically you just mix a raw egg into the rice and a dash of soy sauce. Wash it down with miso soup, accompanied by some pickles (which I didn't have, but I did have pickled ginger). The wife was skeptical of the raw egg, and we both didn't feel comfortable giving it to the boy, so I was the only one who ate this Japanese Rocky breakfast.


It's really just a Japanese version of the beef stew. I didn't have so much time to cook after the in-laws left and all the ingredients were there so whipped this up in less than 30 mins.
There's not a correct way to do this, as it is more of a mom dish. I sliced the beef real thin, sauted it along with the onion slices in a bit of oil, then added sake, soy sauce, water, sugar, and the rest of the vegetables - carrots, radish, and potatoes. Simmered everything for 10 mins while the rice cooked. Garnish with a bit of scallion and alfafa. A nice dish for a cold day, too bad I finished the sake cooking, otheriwse it would've been nice to have some warm sake to go with it.

CNY Reunion Dinner

It was more like potluck, the Kwoks brought a few dishes, and my friend from the Asiashop brought a couple. I made a ginseng chicken soup, coupla pork dishes, and the chicken. It was very nice to have some Cantonese people over for dinner on this special day.


Been lazy with the postings... lots have happened since the last post. Kai's bday party, family visit, both kids sick, and lots lots more. Anna growing up so quickly, developed this strange habit of dangling the arm outside the bed. I have tried to put it back, but the arm always come out again. Will try to post more often, although that might be easier said than done.